Ronnie Hill is suing the Dallas Cowboys running back for $1 million to cover medical costs stemming from the crash.

According to NBC 5’s Meredith Yeomans, the injuries occurred when Elliott ran a red light and crashed into the passenger’s side of Hill’s BMW 7 Series on Jan. 11, 2017.

In Thursday’s filing, Hill said he has “suffered, and continues to suffer serious, life-altering injuries and damages.”

“Zeke Elliott, to his credit, admitted at the scene that he ran the red light,” Hill’s attorney, Quentin Brogdon, said. “Zeke Elliott, as far as we know, has not impeded in any way the agreed resolution or settlement of these legal claims.”

“Almost two years have now passed and there’s been more than enough time and more than enough information provided for this claim to get resolved,” Brogdon said.

Brogdon added that his client filed the suit “only very reluctantly” because he considers himself a big Cowboys fan. That’s rich.

Ellott’s lawyer, Frank Salzano, provided a statement to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport saying he expects the running back’s insurance company to “handle the matter appropriately.”

“The lawsuit—stemming from a 2017 car accident—is between the plaintiff and Mr. Elliott’s insurance company,” Salzano said. “Mr. Elliott was only named personally because Texas is not a ‘direct action state’— which means that a claimant cannot file directly against the the insurance company but must first name the individual insured (Elliott) in order to trigger the insurance coverage.

“That is exactly what occurred here. We expect Mr. Elliott’s insurance provider to step in accordingly and handle the matter appropriately.” 

There’s always something going on with the Cowboys. They love the off the field drama.