With the F1 silly season nearing its end next week in Italy,  all the F1 enthusiasts are excited to follow all the F1 news updates. They want to consume every small detail regarding the F1 silly season. As it is going to end this week, we have seen many formula driver deals have been confirmed to participate in the 2022 formula. 

We can finally see  drivers who will be making their presence felt in the next formula 1, however there are many seats that are yet to be filled officially, they will also be filled before the new race begins. 

Those who managed to perform super well, it was clear that they have created a place for themselves in the next season. We will see in the later part of the article as to who are the drivers whose names have been confirmed team-wise. This list will help you figure out whether your favorite drivers have managed to make it to the list or not, this list will also point out the name of the potential drivers. 

Red bull

Red Bull is struggling with the task of finding a talent that can match the already existing talent. 

Since, it is clear that Verstappen has a place for himself for the next two seasons while red bull is on lookout to fill up the second seat. The current driver Sergio Perez might be able to make it to the list in the red bull. 

Confirmed 2022 drivers: 

  • Driver 1: Max verstappen; verstappen current red bull contract runs into the 2022 and 2023 season. 
  • Driver 2: Yet to be confirmed. 

Potential driver

Sergio perez: He has a one year contract that is going to end this year. But he has already proved that he is worthy of his contract being extended for another year. 


This is the team that commands the utmost attention on the line-up. This year Russell’s great performance as a replacement for Hamilton in the 2020 Sakir grand prix got him the applause as a potential future Mercedes driver.

Confirmed 2022 driver:

  • Driver 1: Lewis Hamilton; he is expected to stay with Mercedes for two more years. 
  • Driver 2: yet to be confirmed. 

Potential driver: 

Valtteri bottas: Bottas might be the potential driver. They have had the single year contract so far for the last five years.

George russel:  He has shown great potential to be selected as Mercedes driver. 


Both Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo are likely to stay until 2023.  This clarity can help the team to make continuous improvements in the coming years. 

Confirmed 2022 drivers

Driver 1: Lando norris; he was signed for multiple years in may. 

Driver 2: Daniel Ricciardo; his deal will continue until the end of 2023 season. 

Aston martin 

Aston Martin also has its drivers confirmed with Lance stroll and Sebastian Vettel being in the team. 

Driver 1: Sebastian vettel: his contract runs till the next season that might be extended. 

Driver 2: Lance stroll: his place is there for the coming future. 


Both the two seats are occupied till the end of 2022.  Esteban is fixed till 2024 while Fernando Alonso is fixed till 2022. 

Confirmed 2022 driver 

Driver 1: Fernando alonso: he is expected to be there till 2022. His extension is part of the Spaniard’s original deal. 

Driver 2: Esteban Ocon: Alpine has made it clear that Estaban is going to stay with the team till 2024. 


Ferrari has both seats filled till 2022. 

Confirmed 2022 drivers 

Driver 1: Charles leclerc: he will remain till 2024.

Driver 2: Carlos saintz Jr: 2022 will be the second year of the two-year Ferrari deal.  

Alpha tauri

It is one of the four teams that has no confirmed drivers for the 2022 seasons. 

Confirmed 2022 drivers 

  • Driver 1: yet to be confirmed.
  • Driver 2: yet to be confirmed. 

Potential drivers 

  • Pierre gasly
  • Yuki tsunoda 
  • Juri Vips

Alfa romeo

This may be the only team that can enter the competition with two new drivers. 

Confirmed 2022 drivers: 

  • Driver 1: yet to be confirmed.
  • Driver 2: yet to be confirmed. 

Potential drivers: 

  • Kimi Raikkonen 
  • Antonio giovinazzi
  • Callum llott
  • Valtteri bottas


They have their open seats vacant till now. 

Confirmed 2022 drivers 

Driver 1: yet to be confirmed.

Driver 2: yet to be confirmed. 

Potential drivers 

  • Nikita mazepin 
  • Mick schumacher 


Like Mercedes, its seats are contested intensely. It will be a surprise to see who will fill the seats. 

Confirmed 2022 drivers 

Driver 1: yet to be confirmed.

Driver 2: yet to be confirmed. 

Potential drivers: 

  • George Russell
  • Nicholas latifi
  • Valtteri bottas
  • Nico Hulkenberg
  • Daniil Kvyat