Rather than cancel the event, Donald Trump declared he’d hold a “Celebration of America”  instead. It consisted of a band playing the “Star-Spangled Banner,” four minutes of the president’s remarks and a sing-along to “God Bless America,”. Minutes beforehand, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders chose the unusual pre-party tactic of insulting the Eagles, accusing the team of staging a “political stunt.”  

The White House said it invited 1,000 Eagle fans to the party. But there weren’t many Philadelphia jerseys, nor was there any face paiting. Most guests were dressed in grey suits and summer office dresses, the uniforms of downtown DC.  

One fake Eagles fan even took a knee, maybe a plant to drum up some PR for the event. 

Part of Trump’s short appearance included mouthing the words to “God Bless America” as the Marine Corps band played behind him. The only problem there is that he didn’t appear to know most of the words. What a buffoon.