During Thursday night’s Baylor and West Virginia game, a fan jumped from the upper deck.  According to reports, the man had several verbal altercations with other fans before jumping over the wall to the concrete concourse below.

Via 12BOY

According to WVU officials, a 49-year old male fan in Section 134 scaled and then intentionally jumped over the wall of the South Concourse area following a series of verbal altercations with others nearby. He fell onto the concrete concourse below.

Contemporary Services Corporation Event Staff, University Police, State Police and emergency crews responded immediately to the scene. The male was taken to Ruby Memorial Hospital for treatment.

There are no reports of the extent of any injuries. The male’s name has not been released at this time.

This is absolutely insane.  Who jumps off the upper deck after a few verbal altercations?  Maybe one of the people he was arguing with told him to do it.