Boston Celtics guard Kyrie Irving suggested last weekend he isn’t fully committed to the Boston Celtics and it now makes this quote about Kristaps Porzingis even more telling.

And looking back at quotes from the 2016 NBA champion during the All-Star weekend about Porzingis suggests he still hopes of taking his talents to Madison Square Garden.

“I told him I would love to play with a big like you, man, when we played them in the beginning of the season when he came to Boston,” Irving said back in February.

“He’s so versatile. So I wish him nothing but the best and hope he comes back even stronger.”

Kyrie was at a party over the weekend for the Human Ventures fund, and took a pic with a Knicks fan, who spent most of the night trying to recruit the Boston Celtics superstar to come play for the Knicks. 

Yahoo Sports reporter Chris Mannix revealed last week that Irving had previously spoke of a desire to join the New York Knicks.  Could Kyrie really leave the Celtics, who are so close to being a championship team? You never know what goes thru the mind of a man who believes the earth is flat.