Friends Louie Iacuzzi, James Amaral and Randy Baldasarri told WFXT-TV that they were out for coffee in Somerville on Monday morning when they spotted something in the road.

“One person ran it over and hit it a little bit,” Iacuzzi said. “I’m like, ‘Pull over, what is it?'”

Iacuzzi said the banner was wrapped in brown paper, and they waited until they got out of the car to open it.

Amaral said the group opened it up behind Green Street Park, and quickly realized what they had. A spokesperson for the Red Sox said they were aware of a banner that fell off a vendor’s delivery truck.

The group of three said they want tot return the banner to the team as soon as they can.

The friends aren’t worried about superstition, and instead believe it will bring good luck.

“I’m going to give them back the banner, and that’s going to be the good luck charm,” Iacuzzi said.

The team offered to send a courier to get the banner first thing on Wednesday morning. I would have put it right up on EBAY.