Have you heard about nerds playling fantasy sports games in the cellars? Since the 90’es where long season fantasy sports was discovered till today where more than 60 milions of people are playing a lot has changed. Players switched from paper notes to excel spreadsheats with own projections to sophicasted tools helping them draft the best fantasy team.


Most players playing football, fantasy basketball is the secondary sports with TAM around 10 milion of players. 72% of players syaing there are playing becasue of the relationship build during the seasons. 66% saying are wathcin games because of fantasy sports leagues there are playing and they ware watching the players the own in the fantasy sports wordl


Who are fantasy sports players

– 81% male, 19% female

– 50% are between the ages of 18 -34 (average age is 37.7)

– 67% are employed full-time

– 47% make more than $75,000 (national average is 34%)


Commonly, fantasy basketba  points, rebounds, assists. blocks and steals, field goal percentage, free throw percentage, and either three-point made. Nine-category leagues usually add turnovers. Rarely, other statistics such as fouls are counted. Some leagues also prefer to break down the rebounds category into two categories: offensive and defensive rebounds.
In public leagues, the typical number of teams in a league is typically ten or twelve. Though, the number of teams allowed are (8 to 30).

Fantasy drafts

The most fun day in the season. The draft day!
There are two types of drafting used to select players: the snake draft and the auction draft. In a snake draft, the first round is drafted in order. In the second round, the draft order is reversed so that the manager who made the last pick in the first round gets the first pick in the second round. In these drafts, the late rounds are great opportunities to choose some potential NBA breakout players that can make (or break) your season.

In an auction draft, each manager has a set budget that he or she must use to fill out the team’s roster. Players are put up for auction by managers, and the manager willing to pay the most for the player “drafts” that player. The advantage of an auction is that all managers have equal access to all players (not the case in a snake draft). 

Fantasy basketball free tools

Winning in fantasy basketball is not based on luck. It is achieved throught data analysis and correct decision making. Fb-ninja is one of the fantasy basketball analitycs offering free and paid tools.
Fantasy basketball trade analyzer is evaluate potential trades and receive instant feedback on the players involved.
Fantasy basketball rankings and projections for 2022/2023 nba season are the most looking tools which players are using. Fb-ninja provides both for free. Fantasy basketball rankings are fully customized by user preferences.