Former reality TV star Farrah Abraham, who also used that fame to sell a sex tape, was on a recent episode of “The Hollywood Pipeline” podcast.  She spoke about a lot of things, including athletes sliding into her DMs.

According to Abraham, Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma slid into her DMs and wanted her to come to one of his games.  She never made it out to a game, because he wasn’t willing to drop $15k on courtside tickets.

Via TMZ Sports:

Advice to pro athletes … if you wanna shot with Farrah Abraham, ya gotta come with courtside seats.

That’s the message Farrah says she told Lakers’ rising star Kyle Kuzma — claiming he tried to get at her in her DMs … but he wouldn’t pony up for quality Lakers tickets.

The “Backdoor Teen Mom” star appeared on “The Hollywood Pipeline” podcast and spilled the tea about how she allegedly shot down the 23-year-old NBA player.

See Farrah’s comments on Kuzma at the 34:00 minute mark:

Apparently Katya Elise Henry, who the 23-year-old rising star was recently vacationing with, doesn’t need courtside tickets purchased for her.

Here’s a closer look at why Kyle was shooting his shot:

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