This write up is for you if you are a better player in your batting cage but fail to perform in a game. Then you are not alone. It always happens. There are guys who are the best in their garage. Those who are best in their batting cage. This gives them great confidence about their swing and feels so good about it. So with this same feeling, when they enter the game, things might go the other way around for them. This gets you frustrated. This might even be because of a timing issue that is lacking in your style of game. It might be even like, you are slow in most of the pitches or you might miss the sweet spot. All this makes you freak out. But stay calm. This is not the time for panic. Don’t be in a haste and start to make changes to your swing. This will not help and you can make changes like this just like that and most importantly it is not required. All of you have to do practice drills. I have mentioned some drills out here for the betterment of your game.

You have to be very careful in your drills so that it does not get you bored. So all this can be turned into fun episodes for you so that it seems interesting. You can also make it competitive. The competitive spirit keeps you ticking. Also, because it is like a competition, you might work harder to get it correct. This is true motive for the drill.

The usage of space in the baseball field is also a thing to be considered. During these practice sessions, there is a general tendency to occupy less space. This lets the coach and players be close. This will give them a good practice session. When there is a throw session, then lesser the distance it will be easy to imply what the coach demands. Later the same can be implied for the actual field.

Now let us see some of the best baseball hitting drills here. At the end of this discussion, you might be able to choose the best one suitable for you.

Catch and Crush Hitting Drill

This catch and crush hitting drill is a very effective one, because this will help to solve most of the basic problems in the play style. In this technique, it is just as its name implies. You have to catch the baseball and keep it over your tee, by doing this you will learn to use your upper body. In this position, the upper body will be closed and because of this lower will open up. The torque created will release power. This power will make your hitting great.

The Key West drill

This is also called the water swings. This is also a very fun-filled drill. You can practice in the water. This will help all the little muscles in your bodywork and also working in water enhances your stability. Your abs, arms, and legs not to forget your wrists all will be action. This will help you know the ground force importance.

Some of the other drills include skater wrings, shoulder swings, bat speed drills, and Frisbee drill etc.

Apart from these drills, a baseball bat also is an effective tool in enhancing the batting performance of an individual. Here we shall see some of the best youth baseball bats. This list will help you no matter if you are a first time user or if you are trying to upgrade your older bat.

Easton S500 “Speed Brigade”

Isn’t the name attractive? Speed Brigade! Yes, this bat is designed for the same purpose. It is a one-piece youth baseball bat that is constructed with the aircraft alloy so as to offer the best balance for the swing speed. It is also known for its durability. The handle is also made of the same material and therefore it will perfectly suit the youth players.

Easton S1 Composite

This is a composite bat that is more expensive but it is made of a combined material rather than the usual aluminium. This is a two-piece bat and it is highly impossible to find a similar bat with this engineered technology. It comes in two sizes. It truly is one of the best youth baseball bats.

Marucci Chase Utley

This is a sure-shot win for a wood lover. This bat is not like the other bats. It is made of wood. It is made out of maple and has been rubbed perfectly to give a great density to the bat. This bat unlike the above one comes in four sizes. It is also one of the bats that comes with a 30-day warranty period from the manufacturer.

Lousiville Slugger 2019

This is one wonderful bat from the slugger series designed for the youth. It is the newest option that is available in the market today. So you can call it the latest in the market. It has a balanced swing weight. It is made from a very quality maple wood.

DeMarini Voodoo Insane Balanced

Is the name freaking you? The bat might as well do the same thing to you. It has got many features that comes with a great quality and sizing. This bat has a great balance during the swing and a handle that would reduce vibration and it also has an end cap that will optimize the weight completely. This is an upgrade from the DeMarini series and must include in your list.

The choice of bats plays an important aspect in your batting style, hence it is very important to choose the right one that will suit your game style. And also it is very confusing these days because of the wide range of bats that are available to you. Always choose a bat that is in the ideal size that is proportional to your weight and height. This will help you greatly!