Currently there are many different forms of football betting, “Corner handicap” is one of the forms of Fun88 betting that many people are interested in today. So what is the corner handicap and how to play the corner to have the highest win rate? However, not everyone is familiar with and can easily play this form, especially if you are new to the profession, you do not know how to bet. Let’s join Fn88pro to learn the experiences that we summarize below. 

1. What is a corner handicap at Fun88?

“Corner handicap” also known as Conners. In a football match there are many types of bets for players to choose from, of which corner bets still attract a large number of players to participate. When participating in betting on corner bets, players do not care about the outcome of the match but only need to predict how many corners will be awarded by the referee. The Fun88 dealer will also base on the correlation of the force and performance of the two teams to give the corresponding number of corners. Usually the number of corner kicks of each match will vary from 10 to 12, so when the player makes a bet, the number of corners of the match will be 10 to 12 times higher or lower.

In this type of house, you will have many options for you to choose from such as: corner handicap, 1 × 2 corner, upper corner bet, parity corner, first corner kick, kick team next corner kick in the game, the team to take the last corner.

2. How to see corner rates: 

In order to be able to correct corner kicks, you need to master the following effective playing strategies:

Depending on the different teams and tournaments, the number of corners will be offered by the Fun88 dealer as over or under 10 to 12 times. Usually in the first 8 minutes of the match, the dealer will give the first corner.

You should also note that the Fun88 dealer will usually draw 1 market so it is not selected that it is a match with no corners and the odds will be high, placing 1 to 100 or more. According to experts, the number of first corner kicks or early appearances usually fall into 3 groups:

Group 1 is ranked 2 – 4 with 10.5 corners

Group 2, ranked 5-17, has an average of 10.6 to 11.5 corners

Group 3, ranked 18 – 20 has greater than 11.5 corners

This odds figure shows that 48% of the games in group 1 have the first corner appear before the end of the eighth minute, while group 2 will be 53%.

3. Experience in corner betting always wins:

  • To win, you need to have a basic understanding of betting, and learning the experiences of your predecessors increases your chances.
  • If the ball game has two teams playing with the tendency to attack, the team possesses the attack with excellent players, the number of corner kicks will often be higher than in normal matches.
  • If the football match has a team with a stronger rating, there will be more corners.
  • If the match from the start to the 6th minute has a corner appear, it is likely that the match will have many corners. From 10 minutes onwards without any corner, the match will have few corners.
  • Gather as much information regarding the ball match as possible. Know the synthesis, analysis and statistics of the number of corner kicks of the two teams in previous matches as well as each other against each other.
  • Should bet on the corner when the game takes place, not bet before the match.
  • Wager on matches where the strongest team participates because the number of corners will appear much more, while the weaker teams will be rare or no corners.


“Corner handicap” is one of the types of online betting that can bring luck and success to betting as long as you understand your experience, capture and analyze the game. With the above article, Fn88pro hope to help you understand in detail what the corner is, how to play the corner bet. Good luck.