The adventurer within us awakens as we enroll in college, and we continue to push ourselves to explore more. If you’ve just enrolled in college and are eager to participate in sports and other activities, you can relate. Don’t you wish to participate in sports activities other than the age-old sports that college students commonly participate in? Here are a few such options that you should explore.

7 Types of Alternative College Sports and Activities That You Should Be Familiar With

  1. Roller Skating: 

The days when playing football or cricket well as a prerequisite for participating in collegiate sports are long gone. If you’d rather play alone, you can participate in roller skating activities. This is a fantastic outdoor game suitable for players of any age and particularly fantastic to play on the grounds of your institution. It’s equally as pleasurable to do as riding bikes, too. Additionally, colleges have skate teams professionally taught to perform outstanding shows. Therefore, you may also consider mastering enjoyable roller skating techniques. 

  • Eight-ball Pool: 

You can play several fantastic indoor games even if you don’t enjoy outdoor activities. This is an excellent example of an indoor sport you can participate in. Additionally, learning this game is not particularly challenging, which is another reason why many people favor it. This game is also played for recreational purposes. Additionally, it needs players to devise plans for defeating their opponents, just like in chess. Upon joining your college, check if there are facilities for this game.

  • Rugby: 

Even if the game we’re introducing to you isn’t brand-new, it’s nevertheless intriguing. In fact,

we have witnessed numerous teams sporting eye-catching college apparel taking home

medals after defeating rival institutions in different competitions. Don’t miss the opportunity

to represent your college and gain popularity as a rugby player. However, be certain whether

you’re interested in this kind of game.

  1. Disc golf

This is indeed a fun activity that college students these days participate in. You don’t need a set of golf clubs or golf balls to play. All you need to play this game is a flying disc. The player simply needs to finish the course in the fewest amount of throws possible to win the game. Since this game is less expensive than regular golf, students can participate without concerns. If your college has its own separate course, then don’t hesitate to join the disc golf team. You will surely enjoy this game if you are trained well on how to play the game more efficiently.

  1. Netball: 

It’s another example of a college sport that you could find interesting, much like basketball. However, you must be aware of the game’s rules and the number of different team members. The netball players don’t run after the ball. Instead, it’s a contest between players to control the ball and advance it towards the goal. If you’ve already seen the vibrant college clothing or jersey of your netball squad, enter your name as well.

  1. Parkour:

 Players need to be physically fit to participate in parkour. It’s a game where getting to the other spots involves navigating obstacles in a built-up environment by sprinting, jumping, etc. Simply put, it’s a fun game that tests your ability to overcome barriers using your body. Most colleges provide areas where students can play this game they always like. So, make sure your plan to explore this option interests you.

  1. Quidditch

Yes, this game is now accessible outside of the Harry Potter films. College campuses today are well-equipped, and students may play it without problems. You should also be aware that only students were involved in the invention of this game. Additionally, there are a lot of college-level quidditch players. The players must hold a broomstick between their legs to play this game. Every team’s players strive to score as many goals as possible to win the game.

End Note

To fully understand your potential, explore your college years. As a result, you should try to take part in sports where you can learn more about your abilities. Such activities are excellent for students’ leisure in addition to helping them become professional athletes. 

You can also play on your college’s football or soccer teams. But because these games are so much fun, you should think about playing them. Students like you always want to try something new, whether it’s taking up a new sport or engaging in other activities. After all, it’s fantastic for your overall development.