It doesn’t matter if you’re a crypto nerd, a financial investor, someone who loves to invest, or someone who just loves money! This article’s for you. Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency concept that has taken over the world. For the uninitiated, it was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto who had the vision to build a person-to-person electronic currency system without depending on the Central Government or the banking system.

Satoshi Nakamoto was not the first person to come up with the concept of crypto-currencies, though Bitcoin was the first one to be approved by people at large. Bitcoin is only one such currency in the world of crypto-currencies and over the years, many countries have come up with their version of it. 

Similarly to how the dollar is a powerful currency that dictates the power of all other currencies, the value of all other cryptocurrencies is determined by Bitcoin. That is because Bitcoin is the highest traded currency among all others. The second-highest traded cryptocurrency is Ethereum. Too much information? Wait, there’s more!

If you are eager to know about cryptocurrencies, we have found some interesting ways for you to do so:

#1 Know That You Can Learn – Anytime, Anywhere!

Some people learn from experiences in trading; some people learn from online courses or financially savvy friends. Also, some learn from the investment trends and stock changes such as the ones by palm beach letter review. We are going to share some fun ways to learn about cryptos and blockchain.

#2 Use the Internet Wisely – Online Courses

Online courses are very informative and cheap. There is a bundle of information available on courses that break down the most complex topics in layman’s terms for you to understand. There’s plenty of websites offering free to inexpensive online courses on blockchain, cryptos and basics of crypto trading.

#3 Write ups Help – Reading Blogs

Blogs are another way of absorbing information. Many financial experts maintain blogs where they share their thoughts on the market and the latest trends in the financial world. 

There is nothing more valuable than listening to knowledgeable information straight from the horse’s mouth. Bradley Barros Match Up is one such blog written by one of the leading experts on financial investing. He is known for analyzing market trends and giving smart investment tips.

#4 For The Cinema Lovers – Watching Movies

If you are a cinephile, then there are plenty of films you can watch to gain fundamental knowledge of cryptocurrencies and blockchains. Films make everything more appealing and engaging, making even the dullest of concepts super-duper interesting.

#5 Educate Yourself – Online Courses

If you wish to enroll in an online course, then here are some great sources for you to learn from.

IBM: IBM is involved in developing blockchain and has offered guest lectures on extensive topics ranging from decentralized finance to the legality of bitcoins to the nature of cryptos.

BlockGeeks: If you are a beginner in the world of cryptos, then you can join an introductory course on the basics of cryptos over here. They offer a good mentoring guide and an active support system.

Simplilearn: Since the environment is very self-paced, it provides for more advanced courses for veterans as well as for beginners.

Udemy: Udemy is the most popular learning management system where you are presented with an extensive range of learning material. The reading material and tutorials are written in simple language. Hence, it can be accessed by people from all backgrounds. Here, you will find experts on cryptos and crypto traders teaching you about crypto-currencies.


Now that we have presented you with various sources to learn about crypto-currencies and blockchain technology, you can choose whatever you are comfortable with as per your need and convenience and keep up with future trends.