No matter what your level of advance in poker is – we all make mistakes, but it’s crucial to learn from them. That’s why it’s a good idea to use these five tips, which will help you to become a better poker player. 

Don’t play when you’re drunk

It’s okay to have a beer or two when you’re playing with your friends. After all, you do this for fun and entertainment only, and you play for very little sums. But, if you want to win some cash, and you go to a casino, avoid all the stimulants. Alcohol and drugs are one of your biggest poker enemies. It’s true that alcohol makes you more relaxed. But, in the long run, which you should always consider when playing poker, alcohol is -EV. Games with guys who are drunk are always popular, and it’s not because they are fun to hang out with. It’s because professional players know that drunk players are weak, and their game is just terrible.

Always follow proper bankroll management rules

Bankroll management is something that every player in the world has to obey. When you’re playing for scared money, it’s easier for good opponents to exploit you. First of all, you won’t protect your blinds, as much as you should. It means that good opponents will steal your blinds with any two cards once they notice that you’re playing too tight. And when they see that you fight back, they will fold their hands because they instantly know that your hand is strong. 

But, playing for scared money will also affect your post-flop game. It happens because you give away much more information when you’re not comfortable with the amount of money that is on the table. You will make bad decisions more often and therefore lose money. That’s why it’s better to grind your way up, than count on luck.

Consider the Rakeback

If you’re playing on the Internet, the variety of platforms is huge. It might be tempting to choose the ones with the biggest traffic, which is, of course, significant. However, the traffic it’s not the only factor that you should consider. Many people neglect the importance of Rakeback, and it can massively impact your winning rate. You should always choose platforms in which the Rakeback offer is excellent and attractive. Playing on the RaketheRake poker platform allows you to get around 80% cashback, and PokerStars, on average, give you back between 4-11%. As you can see, the difference is gigantic, and even though Rakeback doesn’t have anything in common with poker skills, it greatly impacts your winnings.

Don’t be too tight

Days when playing tight was the only way to win money is long gone. Of course, you have to consider what your opponent’s playing style is. Being a nit is nice and easy, but it’s also predictable. That’s why more and more players chose a loose-aggressive style. You should study and learn as much about it as you can. It will allow you to be in action more often, and your opponents will have a very hard time making a decision because you can have anything – nuts or total air. Sometimes you’ll get called down when you’re bluffing, but also you will be paid more often once you have the nuts and go all-in.

Don’t look at poker from the money perspective

Many people, especially beginners and recreational players, play only to win money. Of course, it’s the thing that attracts pretty much everyone. But poker is more about making the right decisions. It’s tempting to call the 4-bet with your pocket sixes. People decide to do it, only because they believe that they invested too much already, and they have to stay in the pot. But thinking like that is wrong. You should try to put as much money in the pot as possible when you’re sure that you’re winning. Minimizing the losses is a skill that every poker player should acquire.

You can always improve your poker game, and there are many ways to do this. Of course, becoming an aggressive, unpredictable player at the table is essential. But, sticking to bankroll management and avoiding mistakes such as drinking alcohol or playing in the terrible Rakeback platforms is also considered as a way to improve your poker game. Make sure to implement these things, and you will be a much better poker player!