Floyd Mayweather recently announced that he’s coming out of retirement for a rematch against Manny Pacquiao, but that won’t be his first fight out of retirement.

According to TMZ: 

Mayweather is eyeing a warm-up fight in Tokyo, and he’s considering MMA fighters and kickboxers as well. 

However, Conor McGregor’s name is reportedly not being mentioned.Floyd is reportedly wanting to set up business interests in Tokyo, including clothing deals and endorsements.

He is allegedly looking at New Year’s Eve as his potential warm-up fight date, with the Pacquiao fight to resume in 2019.More details to come.

As you can see below Floyd is in Tokyo: 

Senator Manny Pacquiao on Monday, September 17, said his fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr is set to be finalized this week

Looks like Floyd is lining up his next pay check. I wonder if it had to do with all those alleged gambling losses? 

Most likely.