Fight fans desperate for a glimpse of action will be offered the chance to watch a virtual Floyd Mayweather take part in simulation boxing matches after the undefeated former champion added his name to a lineup of greats.

Mayweather has been out of action since beating Conor McGregor in August 2017, but the pay-per-view star has signed up to a curious new series with Pulse Evolution, the production company behind a giant hologram recreation of late pop star Michael Jackson at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards.

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Their planned line-up of “unprecedented virtual boxing matches” includes Muhammad Ali against Mike Tyson and bouts for Mayweather against Sugar Ray Leonard and martial arts icon Bruce Lee, aimed at capitalizing upon the longstanding debates about how champions from different eras would fare against each other.

Mayweather will work with virtual entertainment company Facebank, whose previous depictions range from rapper Tupac Shakur to crooner Elvis Presley, to develop a “comprehensive digital likeness” of the man known as Money based on photos, films and mathematical representations of his face.

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