In recent years, with the development of society, people are increasingly demanding women, and women are paying more and more attention to their external image, and they will pay more attention to their dress. In addition to skincare, clothing must also be very particular, in which jewelry plays a very important role in the mix, can be more overall wear and add a lot of points, so jewelry is necessary for every woman, but most women know how to wear jewelry, but they don’t know how to care for jewelry. Many women find that their jewelry that they might have received from someone very special, has been blackened and darkened after wearing it for a while, mainly because of improper maintenance.


  1. Don’t wear when sleeping

  For most women, gold is more often worn as an ornament. The most worn ones should be loved by gold cheap personalized necklaces, and many women may be used to sleeping while wearing gold necklaces. But actually wearing a gold necklace to sleep is easy to break its life, because the gold necklace texture is relatively soft, if it is pressed for a long time, it is easy to deform, not only will affect the aesthetics of the custom name necklace cheap, it may also lead to “weight loss” case.


  1. Don’t wear sports

  Don’t wear a gold necklace when you are exercising, because you may accidentally scratch the necklace during exercise and it is easy to cause damage. In addition, during exercise, the body will discharge a lot of sweat. When the sweat is flowing back, the sweat will be contaminated into the name necklace cheap. It will cause corrosion to the necklace for a long time, because the sweat of the human body is secretion, acidic, and the necklace is in an acidic environment for a long time. Underneath, there will be a situation of “weight loss”, which is not conducive to the preservation and appreciation of the necklace.


  1. Don’t wear a few necklaces at the same time

  Jewelry is used to match the use of clothing. It is to enhance the overall sense of wearing a woman. It can be added with temperament, so it is also very particular when wearing a necklace. However, many women sometimes wear a necklace. One of the mistakes that is easy to make is to wear a few cheap custom necklaces together. This is not advisable, because when a person is wearing a few necklaces, the necklace will rub. Mutual friction will scratch the necklace, and there may be cases of entanglement and tearing. Then you have to send it for maintenance and waste a lot of money!


  Therefore, when a woman wears a “golden my name necklace” on weekdays, don’t be foolish to wear it. 

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