This is an interesting story, and shows just how powerful social media has become. A Virginia Tech assistant football coach Galen Smith resigned after emails and social media blasts accused him of having an extramarital affair.

Per the Richmond Times-Dispatch

“I made a mistake, man,” coach Galen Scott, who is the co-defensive coordinator, told the Richmond Times-Dispatch shortly after the university announced he resigned. 

 “I made a mistake and hurt my family. I just have to make sure I can handle that.”

An email sent to Virginia Tech and the Times-Dispatch detailed the alleged affair. Scott, who is married and has two kids, told the Times Dispatch that not every detail in the email was true but that his behavior was inappropriate, and that was why he was stepping down.

“It was just an integrity deal,” Scott told the Times-Dispatch. “I just made a mistake. I don’t think it was just the emails. The emails just threw that out there.”

 “All this stuff is out on Twitter,” Scott said. “I don’t even know if I can get another job.”  

Like many other things in life, time will pass, and he’ll get another opportunity to prove he’s a better person. Karma will get you when you least expect it.