The streaming service DAZN, which also shows Bundesliga and Champions League soccer matches, is raising its prices significantly. But that is not the only reason why it is getting more and more expensive for sports fans. However, it seems like it is worth it for the fans to still see their favorite teams on TV. Almost as important as enjoying Hellspin login.

Competition is good for business, as the saying goes. But this principle does not seem to apply to sports streaming services. Although several competitors to the former top one Sky have established themselves. And more are on the way, the providers are raising their prices, in some cases significantly. And those who want to use all the offerings already have to pay a lot.

The streaming portal DAZN is even doubling its prices for new and returning customers – from €14.99 to €29.99 for monthly use. The reason given for this step is that the quality and scope of the offer would be expanded.

Up to now, Sky, DAZN, as well as the Telekom subsidiary Magenta Sports and Amazon Prime have shared the broadcasting of sports events. From 2023, there will also be a new streaming platform that will broadcast league competitions and individual sporting events.

New offer from Springer and ex-DFL boss Axel Springer and the former head of the German Football League (DFL), Christian Seifert, want to tap into a gap in the market and attract fans of sports that have so far been overshadowed by soccer.

T-Online sports editor Noah Platschko expressed doubts on Deutschlandfunk radio that this plan would work out and “that such a player could succeed at all in Germany.” Platschko sees parallels with the streaming service DAZN, which also wanted to close a gap in the market in competition with Sky.

In principle, the broadcasting of marginal sports is difficult, according to Platschko. For this expert, it is clear that football has a high position in Germany. Even harder it sounds to raise the prices. And whether the perception or even the appreciation – as Springer and Seifert are planning – can really be increased, that is doubtful.

Meanwhile, DAZN is also in the German soccer business and shares the broadcast of Bundesliga match days with Sky: matches are shown here on Fridays and Sundays. In addition, the Champions League can be seen almost entirely on DAZN.

Critics are skeptical about the current price increases. Although revenues could be increased in the short term, in the long term there is a risk that customers will leave and turn their backs on Sky, DAZN, or other streaming providers. Especially since the comprehensive sports offering is already not cheap. If you want to watch all the Bundesliga and Champions League games, for example, you have to pay just under 60 euros a month.

With new providers and increasing fragmentation of the broadcasting market, it could become even more expensive, because the rights for most sporting events are held exclusively by one company and customers cannot choose between several providers.