Do you want to excel in the most exciting and fun game, football as a good player? 

Then you may have to think twice about your protective gears before appearing on the football field. You may have a lot of skills to apply while you are playing to beat your opponents. But these skills will support you only when you are fully protected from any possible injury. Besides, contact games like football require protective equipment to keep you safe from impacts, shots and collisions. 

Among other protective gears, football shoulder pads play a vital role to move you one step ahead to win in the field. It helps you become a winner too! Running fast through other players compel you to come in contact with other players. These collisions may be a likely cause to hurt you and hold your speed back. But if you are entirely protected by protective equipment, you can move fast feeling safe among the traffic. 

Sometimes, the Impacts of other players become so severe that your bone joints may dislocate or your bone may break. What if it happens to you? Your football career may not finish at a time but needs more time to come back in the race. So, now it should be clear that football shoulder pads are of great importance for both experienced and young football players.

The reasons protective gears like football shoulder pads contribute to your success

You can never deny the utmost importance of protective gears while playing football. They protect, speed up and contribute a lot to win the game. But make sure you have chosen the best one for your need. Your football shoulder pads should be a tight fit on your shoulders and also cover your rib cage so that it can save you from any hurt and injury by other players on the field.

Bulky plates

Plates may vary from brand to brand. Some manufacturers, according to, use lightweight plates, whether others use bulky one. They think bulky plates should be more protective and impact-resistant. It is not something like that. If you think a while for your speed and mobility in the game, you should go for lightweight shoulder pads because shoulder pads having bulky plates can be a little bit difficult for you to move fast and with ease. You should always remember one thing in your mind that speed can change the scenario of the game.

Conversely, if you go for the flat plates, they will allow you to take the impact as well as shots of other players. Moreover, they are durable too being injection molded.

Inner padding helps to absorb the impacts and shots

Foam, usually, is used inside the shoulder pads. It helps protect not only your body but also absorb the impact and shots of your opponents. It also distributes the impact on your shoulder pads evenly so that the area of your body cannot be injured. 

If you are a young player and do not have enough experience, you can make it stronger by adding some beads to it. Especially, beads are made from gel, making your shoulder pads more convenient and sturdy to play.

Use shoulder pads depending on your position

Though there is a universal position pad for all the players of a team, you should use position-based shoulder pads for the best support to normalize the impact of other players. Say, you play as a lineman on the field. You are to face the hardest hits and collision there. 

For more protection, you can find a kind of football shoulder pad which is specially designed for lineman because you do not want to hurt yourself. As a lineman having sturdiest and heaviest football shoulder pad, you can keep on moving with full speed.

Perfect size that suits you

Size of your shoulder pads also plays a vital role in the game. If you do not purchase the right size for your need, it can be a drawback while playing instead of adding some advantages. But you should not worry over this issue more because you will find the instruction of measurement that every brand provides with their products. So, a perfect size shoulder pad can improve your performance on the field.

Other requirements

When you use underpants, there will be sweat and moisture, which are irritating. It hinders good performance. So, you should be careful enough while choosing your shoulder pads. Proper ventilation and moisture-wicking technology will help you perform better. 

If your football shoulder pad is a heavy one, it will neither perform you well nor increase your mobility. So, considering the lightweight shoulder pad can improve your performance on the field. These extra features of your shoulder pad can make a difference though you might have to spend a little bit more. Good things have to cost a bit more money.

In the case of washing your shoulder pad, I recommend you to go for the machine-washable shoulder pads instead of hand washing. It is a convenient and fast process of washing and then ready to be dry. You are also prepared for the next game. On the other hand, hand washing shoulder pads take more time. 

Final Verdict

Football is an exciting and fun game because every moment is full of excitement. And, being a confrontational game, any injury can happen in a while if you are not protected. But protective types of equipment like shoulder pads can protect you from the possible damages. Moreover, it allows you to play confidently because you are risk-free from getting hurt by any impacts and shots. It increases the chance of your winning in the game.