“These people tell him they have their videos and conversations and they have given the details of the content,” a media source in Argentina is quoted as saying.

“So it’s completely believable. Even if everything was false, it would still be extortion.”

Lavezzi is spending quarantine with Borges on the Caribbean island of San Bartolome, courting controversy in his homeland for purportedly dating the ex-girlfriend of one of his best friends.

His ex-girlfriend, Yanina Screpante, told a journalist that he had lied to his friend after starting an affair with Borges while the pair were still together.

“He lied to his friend,” she revealed. “I caught him in Brazil a few years ago and recently again.

“Anyway, he can do what he wants – it is his problem. There is karma.”

“They were good friends and he didn’t care,” she said. “It’s no wonder he does this. He’s done it before.”

Borges and Lavezzi have not published any photos of themselves together but aroused suspicions after they were spotted drinking the same kind of wine in posts made almost simultaneously. 

Good luck dealing with the blackmail. 

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