Former Boise State running back Jack Fields Jr. was shot by a police officer at a hotel on Thursday night.  The hotel called the police on the 25-year-old reporting they were having trouble with him, although the details of the trouble are unknown at this time.

The officer who responded attempted to arrest Fields.  He resisted and reportedly stabbed the officer multiple times before being shot by the officer. 

Via The Augusta Chronicle:

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the hotel contacted the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office around 8:11 p.m. in reference to a “trouble with subject call.” Psillos, 24, responded and encountered Fields in the hotel lobby.

Psillos attempted to handcuff Fields, but he resisted arrest, according to the GBI, which is handling the investigation. Fields pulled a knife from his coat pocket and stabbed Psillos multiple times, and the officer shot him with his service weapon.

Psillos was taken to AU Medical Center. Members of the sheriff’s office performed first aid on Fields, but he died at the scene, according to the GBI.

Absolutely tragic news for everyone involved.