Former San Diego Chargers safety, Eric Weddle,  went on Jim Rome’s podcast this week and dropped the following bomb when asked if the Chargers were still dead to him:

“That’s a great question. Time does heal all, but for me — I don’t know if I can answer that quite honestly. What they did to me, I don’t know if I could ever just go up to them and act like nothing happened. So, you know, when that time comes around…I know this for a fact: that until, as long as that management is there, I’ll never set foot anywhere near that place. That is for a fact.

“No one should get treated like that. No one.”

Here’s what went down with Weddle and the Chargers. 

Things were already contentious between Weddle and Coach McCoy — the Chargers had put Weddle on injured reserve in Week 17, even though he thought he was healthy enough to play — and they reached kind of a boiling point in the hot tub.

(via Bleacher Report

“What are you guys still doing here?” McCoy said, according to Weddle.

“We’re figuring out the roster for next year,” Weddle said. “And you have a lot of work to do.”

Then McCoy surprised him.

“Where are you going to go next year?” he said. “Any particular team you want to go to?”

Weddle didn’t know what to say.

“That’s when it finally hit me,” he says. “They really don’t want me back.”

If that wasn’t a slap in the face enough, Weddle also explained that general manager Tom Telesco didn’t seem to respect him.

“He said I had a lot of mileage,” Weddle said, via Bleacher Report. “They brought me in to make things better, and made things worse by treating me like I was a nobody. It was shocking.”

 “I never did one thing wrong. Never was late to a meeting. Never was fined. Never refused to do a charity function for them. Never didn’t sacrifice,” Weddell said. “I was a leader, a captain, an All-Pro. And they showed me the door. I’m as loyal as anyone and will do anything for people I respect. But if you don’t give that back to me in return, you’re dead to me. So I could never go back to that place after what they put me through.”  

The NFL is a business, and can be a nasty one. People’s feelings are always going to be hurt, especially when they don’t feel wanted. Each organization is run differently but the Chargers just seem more messed up than others. Oh well, he’s still playing with the Ravens and earning a paycheck. Onward and upward.