Former Miss Philadelphia Julia Rae stole the show during Wednesday night’s Knicks and Sixers game.  The singer, model, and actress was shown dancing on the jumbotron in the 4th quarter of the Sixers win.

As you would expect, her dance moves were a big hit with Sixers fans.  She provided a little background information after her dance show was picked up by the local media.

I’m Julia Rae 👋🏻 Born and raised right outside of Philly. I loved giving back to this great city as #MissPhiladelphia2015. I’m a singer, model, and actress (hence why I was not v shy when the Jumbotron landed on me 😂) If you’re a Philly sports fan, it’s likely you’ve seen me in those Cure Auto spots with @dsproles43 🦅 I have some exciting things in the pipeline, so I’m happy to have ya here! Thanks so much for all the love!! And a special shoutout to the OG followers 😘 oh and ladies, if you feel the urge to whip your hair, WHIP👏🏻THAT👏🏻HAIR👏🏻

Flip the Page to Julia Rae’s jumbotron dance show: