Former MLB pitcher Esteban Loaiza, who is the second winningest pitcher from Mexico in MLB history, was arrested on Friday in California for possession of drugs.  The 46 year old reportedly had 44 Pounds of heroin and cocaine.

Via NBC Sports:

Multiple news outlets are reporting that Loaiza was arrested in San Diego County on Friday for transporting roughly 44 pounds of heroin and cocaine. His arrest report is reproduced below, courtesy of Jeff Passan of Yahoo.

Loaiza is due to be arraigned on Wednesday. Bail has been set at $200,000. At least one news outlet — Univision — questions whether the former big leaguer can make that bail. Loaiza, Univision notes, was one married to the late singer Jenni Rivera, but she filed for divorce from him in the months before her death in a plane crash, in part due to allegations of financial impropriety on his part. Whatever the case, Loaiza is in deep trouble.

It turns out drug kingpin might not have been the best choice for a second career.  Who needs a ton of free agent activity when you have this kind of baseball entertainment?