Former NBA player Mike Bibby is being investigated by Phoenix police after he was accused of sexual abuse by a Shadow Mountain High School teacher.  He is the current head basketball coach at the school.

According to the restraining order filed by the teacher, Bibby pulled the woman into his car and rubbed his genitals against her and groped her.  He has denied the accusations through his attorney.

Via AZ Central:

A restraining order obtained by The Arizona Republic details the claims. The document shows Phoenix Municipal Court granted the order Feb. 22.

The teacher claims that in February 2017, Bibby grabbed her by the waist and pulled her into his car on school grounds, rubbing his genitals against her and groping her.

Bibby declined to comment and referred questions to his attorney. His attorney, Donald Harris, denied the claims.

“I can say with pretty much certainty this alleged incident didn’t happen and that will be shown down the road,” he said. “Michael Bibby did not participate in a sexual assault of any way, shape or form that was alleged by this lady two years ago.” 

Despite the allegations, Bibby was able to coach this past weekend and win his fourth consecutive state championship.  His fifth state title in six years at Shadow Mountain High School.

This should be a fairly easy case to get to the bottom of despite allegedly taking place two years ago.  According to the statement she made, there were two witnesses to part of the incident.

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