Former NFL linebacker Aldon Smith, who has been suspended from the league since 2016, is on the run after fleeing the scene of a domestic violence incident.  

This isn’t his first run in with the law, as a variety of issues including substance abuse and domestic violence are the reason he isn’t in the NFL.

There aren’t a ton of details, but the woman he recently got engaged to, Shawna McKnight, is believed to be the other person involved. 

Via Saturday Down South:

It’s only been a week since former Mizzou star Aldon Smith got engaged, but now he’s reportedly in trouble with the law again.

According to reporter Ted Ramey, Smith was involved in a domestic-violence incident and also fled the scene.

Ramey posted about the incident on Twitter early Sunday morning…

If there was any shot at an NFL return before this incident it is surely no longer a possibility.  Hopefully Smith gets the help he needs and is able to live his life without further incidents like this one.