Former NFL offensive lineman Branden Albert is being sued by an Atlanta police officer for an incident that took place at a jewelry store back in February of 2018.  The officer claims he was tackled by Albert and suffered a left shoulder and leg injuries during the incident.

The officer reportedly tried to use a taser on Albert, but it had no affect on him, he was able to remove the prongs and attack. 

Via The Blast:

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Joel Richardson claims he was working on February 28, 2018 at a jewelry store in Atlanta called Icebox. Richardson is an Atlanta police officer but working at the store as an off-duty officer on the day in question.

He claims that while in the store Albert “proceeded to enter the back of the store, where patrons are not permitted. Despite being repeatedly asked to leave the area by the owner of the premises, Defendant declined, became boisterous, punched a large hole in a nearby cabinet, and began verbally attacking the owner, including threatening to kill him.”

Richardson says he tried to tell Albert he could not leave the store until the matter was resolved but Albert became “physically aggressive and pushed” him.

The officer says he then used his taser on Albert but the ex-NFL star just removed the taser prongs and proceeded to tackle Richardson.

Richardson claims to have suffered left shoulder and leg injuries, causing him to incur substantial medical bills, including physical therapy and orthopedic rehab costs.

Once football is in you, football is in you.  It sounds like Albert decided to turn the incident into some sort of drill.  Get this man a tackling dummy.

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