Former NFL player Charlie Rogers has some issues when it comes to youth sports.  Back in September, the 42-year old made some headlines after he threatened an 11-year-old who left the youth football team he was coaching.

Rogers is back in the news for wielding a sword and making threats at a youth basketball game.  He turned himself into police on Monday for the incident that took place back in early October.

Via Sports Illustrated

John “Charlie” Rogers Jr. turned himself in to Aberdeen police Monday and was charged with making terroristic threats, stalking and weapons offenses. The Asbury Park Press reports that Rogers was released.

Police say the incident happened at an Oct. 5 meeting for a youth basketball travel team at Matawan-Aberdeen Middle School. Investigators say 42-year-old Rogers threatened someone with the sword.

Earlier this year, police said Rogers left a threatening voicemail for the parent of a youth football player. Rogers was fired from his job as the offensive coordinator at St. John Vianney High School after the tape was made public.

Things obviously aren’t going all that well for Rogers.  If he doesn’t receive some sort of mental health care he’s going to end up hurting someone.