Former NFL lineman Jonathan Martin has been hospitalized after speaking to police about perceived threats to two former Dolphins teammates and two former classmates.  

The threats were posted to his Instagram story and also mentioned his former high school, which closed on Friday due to the post.

Via NBC News:

Former NFL lineman Jonathan Martin, who five years ago accused Miami Dolphins teammates of bullying him, was detained by authorities Friday after an Instagram post appeared to threaten his former high school — which cancelled classes as a precaution.

Martin was not arrested, law enforcement sources familiar with the investigation told NBC News.

Instead, on Friday he was at a medical facility in the Los Angeles area seeking treatment. The sources would not elaborate on the treatment or the circumstances that led to it.

Hopefully it was just a call for help and Martin gets the help he needs.  Let’s also hope he doesn’t fall through the cracks and carry out some sort of revenge.