Poker is played at a much different speed than the NFL. This is one sport that doesn’t necessarily translate to being patient. However things are working for one former New England Patriot player.

Richard Seymour retired from the NFL after the 2012 season with reportedly $89.5 million in career earnings.

So why not go all in. 

Seymour has been playing cards against family members since he was a kid, and organized games while he was in the NFL — to both “alleviate stress” and “have fun with his Patriots teammates,” according to ESPN’s Bernard Lee in 2017.

There’s some commonalities between football and poker, per Seymour.

“Poker pulls so much from you and has direct parallels to football. You have to be thoroughly prepared every day and be able to adjust quickly during the game. I also think you need to be poised in all situations.

“There are so many different decisions that you have to make in poker. Some go well, but some go south and you take a bad beat. So just the ability to not go on tilt and play each hand as its own is critical to be successful in poker. ”

He’s still alive and has been giving the daily update on Twitter:

Good luck, he definitely doesn’t need the cash, but still would be pretty cool. 

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