Looks like former Hugh Hefner bunny Kendra Wilkinson and former NFL receiver Hank Baskett are going their separate ways. Multiple sources told ET that the 32-year-old model plans to divorce her husband of nearly nine years.

From ET:

“She’s very sad,” one source says. “She still loves him and has always been very supportive of him.”

According to the same source, Wilkinson and the former NFL pro, who was a wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles and Indianapolis Colts, have been trying to make things work for a while now.

“Kendra and Hank went to therapy after Hank’s [alleged cheating] scandal to try and work on their marriage, but in the end, his scandal always hung over them like a cloud,” the source adds. “Hank has never quite recovered from losing his football career. He never really found himself after that.”

This marriage lasted nine years longer than I thought it would. She was hoping Hank would still be in the NFL for years to come when they got together. In reality, she picked a mediocre receiver to marry. And somehow they stayed relevant from a reality TV perspective. Hank can kiss his TV gigs goodbye. Tough break for Baskett.