“You’ve got to think about just the history of the New England and what goes before them, what precedes them? Their reputation has always preceded them,” Jennings said. “And teams are just not afraid to play the New England Patriots. They’re just not. And there’s always been this little angst with teams going into Foxboro in January because of who? Tom Brady, and what he provides in the playoffs. Now I get it, he’s a different player typically in the playoffs, and you don’t have to be so great, but you just can’t mistakes, and he typically does not do that. But when I look at these teams and what they’ve always been afraid of or leery of is Tom Brady beating them. And I just don’t see that being the case, No. 1 because his ability has started to decline, and then you already don’t have the personnel that’s going to elevate and supplement what he’s now lacking, which they did last year in Sony Michel?”