It looks like Zach Smith’s second career, after domestic violence accusations ruined his first career, is to put other College Football coach’s dirt out there.  His first coach he’s decided to expose is Texas head coach Tom Herman.

According to Smith, Herman has repeatedly cheated on his wife Michelle.  The former Buckeye assistant coach took to Twitter and accused Herman of cheating with an Iowa State recruiting girl and a masseuse.  

Despite Smith accusing Herman of sending people to stop him from exposing his affair, Herman didn’t seem too worried about it.  In the series of tweets, Smith included a screenshot of a text exchange telling Herman he was going to expose him, to which Herman responded with a “Ok. Cool Hook Em!”

That’s an epic response by Tom Herman.  In the end it’s much worse to be accused of domestic violence than to be accused of cheating.  It doesn’t appear Zach Smith understands that.