Hall was arrested earlier this month on suspicion of committing an armed robbery at a residence in Norwalk, California. There are six total charges pending against Hall, including three counts of home invasion robbery, two counts of kidnapping to commit robbery and one count of first-degree burglary. 

The former Ducks wide receiver could face life in prison if he is convicted on all counts. 

Hall and Milard Hill are accused of stealing jewelry and other valuables, and police say Hall threatened at least three people at the scene with a semi-automatic handgun. Hill and Hall have had their bail amounts set at $2 million.

Oregon football coach Mario Cristobal officially announced that Hall was no longer a member of the Ducks on Sept. 12.

“Well he hasn’t been on the roster for a pretty long time now,” Cristobal said at the time. “We’re moving on and certainly it is what it is. He hasn’t been on the roster and hasn’t been part of our team roster for some time now.”

This guy’s football career very well may be over. Unfortunately for Hall, he may lose the opportunity to showcase those skills on the football field.