On the golf course, you never know what’s going to happen! Golf’s unexpected and addictive nature stems from the fact that every stroke is unique. Millions of people underestimate the mentality and strength needed to play golf, it takes a lot of skill and precision. Watching golf isn’t at popular as watching football but there are some passionate people out there who will watch events till the very end and also, golf is a wonderful sport to wager on as there are multiple bet selections you can select, if you want to learn more about the best golf betting sites than you have arrived at the perfect place. Furthermore, in this article, we will be discussing four golf facts that I bet you didn’t know about.

Golf Was Once Prohibited

Golf has lost its reputation as a sport for the dissidents of the 1960s and 1970s.  For more than a century between 1457 and 1744, golf was outlawed in Scotland. That’s because the administration thought it was interfering with military preparations. Early on, golfers would play on public property, like as the street or a commercial establishment. This was considered to be an irritation and therefore the sport golf was banned. 

Tiger Woods’ First Hole-in-One Came at the Age of 8

During Tiger Woods’ career, he’s engaged in a number of scandalous antics that have made headlines. Nonetheless, one thing is for certain: he’s an excellent golfer. Since his father began coaching him at the tender age of two, Tiger Woods has been hooked on golf ever since. Even at the age of eight, he managed to make his first hole-in-one after diligent practise.

Tiger Woods Won 81 PGA Tournaments

Since Tiger Woods childhood, all of his practise paid off for him in his mature years because he has won 81 PGA tournaments but they aren’t the most impressive figures because there has been 82 tournament victories for Sam Snead. Nicklaus is in second place with 73 victories. For Nicklaus, though, it’s all about the 18 major championships. Woods has just 15 major championships to his name. All three of these golfers have achieved greatness in their respective fields and it’s impossible to argue who is the greatest golf player of all time.

A Round of Women’s Golf Was Played in 1811

Misogyny has always been a problem in sports, golf isn’t any different because of this, women’s golf didn’t have its start for another 400 years. Musselburgh, Scotland, was the site of the first round, the first women’s club was established in 1867. In golf, like in any other sport, women still face unique challenges. Women are becoming more accepted on the golf field.