Francis Ngannou wasted no time on Sunday night during his heavyweight bout against Cain Velasquez.  He knocked out Velasquez just 26 seconds into the main event at UFC Phoenix. 

Velasquez claimed after the fight that it was his left knee that gave out that caused him to go down.

Via MMA Fighting:

”I just can’t believe that happened,” Velasquez said. “Having a great camp coming in, truly, everything I said, how strongly I felt, that was all true. Coming in I felt great out there, relaxed, and then taking that one step I did with my left foot. I just felt something pop and then when I tried to take another step it just gave out on me. My knee gave out on me, I can’t even believe that happened.”

After blaming the loss on a knee injury, Velasquez claimed that Ngannou never touched him.

“It was just the knee, he didn’t even, like, touch me, you know?” Velasquez said. “It was just the knee, as soon as I felt the knee just buckle, it was like I couldn’t believe that happened. And then that was it.”

The video tells a much different story.  Velasquez might have truly injured his knee, but if he did, it was as a result of a huge uppercut that dropped him.  Ngannou absolutely touched Velasquez.

Maybe when his mind finally clears, Velasquez will be able to give an honest opinion as to what happened.  Until then he just looks like a sore loser.

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