Frank Kaminsky is one of three seven-footers on the Charlotte Hornets roster following the team’s recent trade for Timofey Mozgov, and life is good for the sharpshooting big man. 

Everywhere he goes, being that large, he easily gets recognized. Unless he’s in disguise. That was the case yesterday at the musical festival on Chicago’s famed lakefront. Check out some pics of Frank below: 

Frank Kaminsky: “There’s such a misconception that being seven feet tall is such a disadvantage on so many things. There’s things that I can’t do, like I can’t go on roller coasters anymore but I don’t care because I never really liked roller coasters to begin with. I need extended golf clubs. There’s things I have to do because I’m seven feet tall, but it’s awesome being this tall. It would suck to be really short, in my opinion.”

There you have it, being large pays off, unless you want to remain anonymous out in public. I give it up to Frank for having fun with his outfit. You can see more from Frank’s post by scrolling thru below: