With free agency essentially done, fans will now start discussing who should be in the starting lineup. LeBron James, Danny Green and Anthony Davis are locked into the starting five. Kyle Kuzma is likely to join them as well, but the fifth spot is up for debate.

Reports suggested LeBron was going to play the 1. 

Now those reports are being refuted, by the supposed man in charge. 

 During an appearance on ESPN when the Lakers were preparing to face the New York Knicks during the Las Vegas Summer League, Vogel shot down reports of James starting at point guard.

Not sure who leaked the Point Guard story. Is Vogel already experiencing a power struggle before his first game? 

Seems like it. 

Can’t be easy to coach a LeBron lead team. 

Having James start at point guard has positives to it, but he needs to be surrounded by a specific group of players to make it work.

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