Stressing only from one thought about relocation, but still thinking that hiring the full service moving companies is a whim for the rich? Consider all the cons and pros before you question yourself: are full service movers worth it next time.

Let’s Figure out what is full service moving

It’s hard to find a single person, who has never experienced packing and moving. Even if the reason behind it can be exciting, the process itself may be very challenging and exhausting. For this reason, the full service moving companies come up with a range of offers from the company, which run such logistic businesses. In other words, this is a professional, which would be ready to provide the full scale of packing, collecting your belongings, and taking care of the routes and transportation. Basically, full service movers handle all the risks connected with the logistic operations. Even if at the first sight you think it is an easy job, you might miss a point that some of the items to be transported may be fragile and require extra knowledge in their packing and carriage. Some relocation routes may be specific and require fees, more time, or simply can be not available at a certain time of the year or day. Full-service moving encompasses comprehensive assistance throughout the entire moving process, including the careful handling of delicate items. When it comes to move delicate items, such as fragile glassware, artwork, or antiques, opting for full-service moving ensures their safe transportation.

Relocation Package: What Does Full Service Moving Include?

Before considering hiring one of the companies offering full moving services, let’s see what is usually offered on the plate.  

  1. Collecting and packing the belongings. Often, clients disregard this option, but this is a very crucial part of the whole move. Proper packing is key to safe transportation. This way you may be sure that the glass items will not crack, the paint will not be damaged, and your favorite vase will take the same honorable place in your new house. Besides obvious pros such as saving time, a few are not so visible, such as compact packing, which saves spaces and, therefore, reduces the price of the whole transportation. Additionally, full service movers bring their own packing materials and suppliers and it is a huge relief as no need to search for them in stores and spend an extra budget. 
  2. Furniture carriage. Even if you can disregard personal belonging packing, this trick will not work with the furniture. Here you may require specialists with certain tools to disassemble the parts of the furniture and put them together in one piece after the moving. 
  3. Loading and unloading is a job for full service packing and moving team, who have certain experience and are physically able to care for heavy items. These people understand how to load the vehicle proportionally to fit everything and to fix it in the right places for a safe journey. So no need here to engage friends or family in the process and own them later. 
  4. Transportation. No matter whether your plan is to have a local or long-distance move, trucks or special vehicles to fit all the belonging. Packing and moving is only one side of the coin, secure driving is another one, not less important. Full service moving companies provide drives, who are aware of all the risks connected with transportation, and what is crucial, they have insurance, and in case of the accident any damages will be compensated. 
  5. Full service packing and moving is not just a door to door delivery. They will also unpack your items and utilize all the materials used for the transportation, all that is left for you is just to find suitable places for them at a new venue. 

How Much Do Full-Service Movers Cost

The budget is often the key decision-making element. It is hard to calculate the exact price, but you should be aware of the fact that prices for full service movers in Los Angeles can vary from one company to another, and the situation may be completely different in another part of California. 

Solid reliable full service movers would have an online calculator for estimate cost calculation on their website, and another will provide you with the tailored offer, but while calculating full service movers cost be aware of: 

  • They charge on an hourly basis
  • The price depends on the distance, the number of people on the team and the type of vehicles
  • Number of services matters
  • The price may range from the season, business hours, or even weather.

How To Prepare For Full-Service Movers

If you finally decide to enjoy the full service movers, all the job is left to find the best one in your area. Today the offer is quite high on the market, and this choice will be not simple. Trek Movers could be a good option if you are based in California. The company is very flexible and combines quality services with reasonable pricing. 

Our recommendation is not to go with suspiciously cheap offers, there is an estimated market price. Follow the advice of people who already have gone through the same experience, and learn the comments and reviews. Do not hesitate to contact the movers directly, describing your unique need and asking for discounts. Avoid the third-party services, as they may charge some extra fees and have zero responsibilities for the work they should complete.

Pay attention to the legal side of the question, to ensure that the full scope of work related to packing and moving is covered in it and there are some guarantees for you. Remember, that a service provider should have a valid license to provide the logistics and moving. Do not hesitate to ask the extra questions to protect your property and rights. 

Are Full Service Movers Worth It?

Hiring full service moving companies is an ideal scenario for everyone, who values time and money and strives for comfort. Of course, if you own a one-bedroom apartment and have a support team ready to help, it is less problematic.  But if you have a full-time job, enormous family responsibilities and on top of this it all lays on your shoulder, there shouldn’t be any doubts. Such service almost doesn’t have any negative sides if you come to the choice of contractors responsible. Then all you need is to set up a date, relax and enjoy saved time with your family and friends.