YouTube gamer mPap decided to take on “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out” with a blindfold on, because video games are just too easy.  He impressively beat the game and did so in record time.

“I have almost no words, just a fucking insane run. I suppose this is beatable because as DTysonator showed, R1 Tyson blindfolded is possible.”

“I have to say thanks to Jack Wedge, Sinister1, Zallard1 and Summoningsalt for pioneerering most of the strategies you see in this run and Davep4948 for sending me a PowerPak to learn the fights much faster than I would without one.”

It took mPap just under 21 minutes to take down one of Nintendo’s iconic titles.  Even if you’re not into gaming, you have to admit that this is pretty impressive.