The NBA has moved away from the term “owner,” as recently confirmed by Commissioner Adam Silver. The “Owners’ will be called governors. 

Gayle Benson, who owns both the NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans and the NFL’s New Orleans Saints, has no plans to refer to herself as anything but an owner.

Via New Orleans Advocate:

Benson issued a statement indicating that she does not plan to change her title as “owner” of either team, even though she acknowledges that she is more of a “caretaker” of the franchises.

“As with any word, phrase or expression, interpretations can be perceived differently,” Gayle Benson said in the statement. “That is in many ways why diversity, inclusion and openness is so important to companies and society. As with any expression, my intention and the intentions of the organization I am responsible for is never to be insensitive or insulting.”

Gayle Benson doesn’t believe that a racial connotation, or any degree of sensitivity, exists.

“I truly believe daily actions speak very loudly, and it is my sincere hope that the players and staff know how much I care for them and their families,” she said in her statement. “I sincerely hope no term that attempts to define my corporate standing would in any negative way suggest a lack of caring, respect or admiration for that they accomplish every day — leaders, teammates, colleagues, parents, mentors, citizens.”

Gayle Benson inherited the team after the death of her husband, Tom.

“I have said over and over I don’t see myself so much as an owner but more of a caretaker to the incredible assets that I have been so fortunate to lead,” Gayle Benson said in the statement. “My intention has and continues to be building on my husband’s legacy, making the assets better and creating a better community for our employees, fans, and citizens.”

What’s the difference what she calls herself, or what anyone refers to her as. She’s the boss, cuts the checks, and owns the team. 

That should be enough for anyone. 

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