There are a number of different types of casino bonuses. To make it easier for you, we have made a list of different types of bonuses. The entry or welcome bonus can probably be described as the most popular type of bonus that can be encountered on the websites of online bookmakers and casinos. The welcome bonus is probably why we can find it in the offer of almost every casino online that operates in our market. Why exactly this bonus enjoys such great popularity among gamers?

The welcome bonus is so popular especially because it gives players the opportunity to kick off their gaming on the website of the given operator a little more convenient. In the beginning, it will give him a nice bonus, thanks to which he will play a little better. In the case of an entry bonus, we may encounter several types of this bonus. What are they?

The most common type of entry bonus is currently probably a bonus, in which the online operator will increase your first deposit by a certain percentage, usually we can meet with a 100% increase in your deposit. This, of course, only applies up to a certain amount of your deposit, most often we can meet the fact that the operator doubles your deposit in the amount from 100 to 500 euros. With the entry bonus, in most cases, we also encounter the fact that it is necessary to fulfill the requirements for the break. About what exactly the requirements for pausing actually are, we’ll tell you more later in this article.

Another popular form of the welcome bonus is for example free bets or free spins of a certain value. As a rule, this value is not very high, but you usually get this welcome bonus without any wagering conditions attached to it. It is also usually not associated with the need to deposit funds into your player account.

What this bonus consists in, follows already from its very name. So, to take advantage of the bonus with the obligation of a deposit, you need to deposit certain funds into your account. The award of this bonus is therefore subject to a deposit into your player account. The loyalty bonus also enjoys quite a lot of popularity among players. What does this bonus actually consist of? Loyalty bonus is, as is clear from its very name, basically a reward for your loyalty to the best online casino or bookmaker. A loyalty bonus can take several forms.

The most common form of loyalty bonus is probably the loyalty program, which takes the form of rewarding players for their staked funds or made bets. The way it works is that the online operator determines for how much stalling money you get a loyalty point. You can then convert these loyalty points into various rewards. These are often, for example, free spins, free bets, funds, tickets to interesting events or various material rewards such as mobile phones or tours, and much more.

In the offer of some online casinos and bookmakers can also be found loyalty bonus, thanks to which you can get, for example, access to many interesting features or events directly on the operator’s website. Loyalty bonuses today are a fixed part of the offer of a fairly large number of online operators and are in demand among players.

The no wagering bonus is a bonus that you can get without having to wager the bonus funds several times afterwards. This type of bonus is also quite widespread and very popular among players, as it basically makes it easier for them to convert the bonus into real funds, which you can then dispose of as you want. However, with the no wagering bonus, you must of course take into account that the conditions of this bonus must be met in order to receive it.