Model Chase Carter has been spotted at several Yankees games since she spent the All-Star break with Giancarlo Stanton.  But that doesn’t mean the two are exclusive.

According to a hotel worker that works in a city the Yankees visited in early September (they wouldn’t tell us which one), Stanton has a regular he hooks up with in the area.  If you check the Yankees schedule in early September it’s either Oakland or Seattle.  

The regular isn’t just any regular, she’s a professional who makes her own money and booked her own room at the hotel when the team stays there. 

A friend of mine who works at a hotel that the Yankees stayed at in early Sept. told me about Yankees star Giancarlo Stanton and a “professional” woman who he hooks up with on a regular basis. She lives in the area and books her own room ahead of time (this visit was booked months in advance), she isn’t interested in being seen with him. My friend checked in the woman the same day the Yankees checked in. She says that Stanton was in lobby waiting for her to arrive. When she arrived her stay was upgraded due to her title. She wasn’t very talkative and after being checked in she was followed by Stanton to the elevator. The following night the couple was spotted again heading to the elevator and this time Stanton had a handful of the woman’s ass. He was kissing her neck, she was holding onto him and they were laughing it up. My friend described the woman as light-skinned with black medium length hair, she’s possibly mixed with a decent shape to her body (more curve than Chase). She was well put together and didn’t dress like an Instagram hoe. My friend tried to find the woman on social media but had no luck.

Life as a professional athlete certainly has its perks.  We have to ask if there’s one there are probably other “regulars.”  The only real question is how many others Stanton have?