San Francisco Giants outfielder Cameron Maybin was arrested early Friday morning on DUI charges.  The 31-year-old was speeding and swerving at the time of the arrest.

Police officers said Maybin smelled of alcohol and had bloodshot eyes when he was pulled over.

Via San Francisco Chronicle:

Giants outfielder Cameron Maybin was arrested on a DUI charge in Scottsdale early Friday morning, according to the Scottsdale Police Department.

Maybin, 31, had a blood alcohol level of .142, almost twice the legal limit of .08, and failed multiple field sobriety tests, according to the police report obtained by The Chronicle.

Maybin has bounced around a bit during his 12 seasons in the MLB.  He’s been on four different teams in just the last two years.  

Getting arrested for a DUI in Spring Training isn’t going to help him make the team.  You can’t have a blood alcohol level higher than your batting average.

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