The New York Giants are in rebuild mode.  Part of that includes trading away their top receiver and keeping 38-year-old Eli Manning as their starting quarterback.

On top of keeping Manning, the Giants will be paying him $17 million.  That’s the plan according to a Giants source.


If the Giants were to release Manning prior to that time, they would save all $17 million of that salary and bonus money in both cash and cap space this year, as well as carry a reasonable $6.2 million dead-money cap charge for what’s left of Manning’s signing bonus.

However, while such a plan might make sense for a rebuilding team, sources said the Giants at this time expect to keep their two-time Super Bowl MVP quarterback on the roster through that deadline and start him at quarterback for one more season.

Giants fans who are ready to move on from the two-time Super Bowl champ aren’t going to be thrilled by the news, especially given the other moves the team has made this off-season.  

For the rest of us, we get another year of Eli getting his ass handed to him and that means more Manning face.

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