Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas sued sex tape accuser Janelle Reeves for filing a meritless restraining order against him and won.  According to his attorney the accuser will have to pay him an undisclosed amount.

Via TMZ Sports:

The case was dismissed earlier this month, according to court record — and now Gilbert’s attorney, David Bass, tells TMZ Sports … it’s all because Reeves folded like a cheap suit.

“[Reeves] resolved the dispute by paying Mr. Arenas an undisclosed amount for his damages and confirming that the restraining order action of June 2018 was meritless, filed with fabricated documents and, therefore, filed without cause.”

Following the news of his victory, Arenas took to Instagram to celebrate and celebrate he did.

I don’t know what the rest of y’all celebrities doing about them fake ass claims but I told that mutha fucka “ I want a number so high,when I hear it, it makes me bust a nut,roll over and fall asleep” about to take a nap goodnight and this is why I’m the #goat#inGILutrust 52-0 “I’m the mayweather of that court shit”