Gisele is staying close.  

Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady have officially divorced one another. After Brady decided to go against his retirement promise, it became clear that their marriage could not survive. Bündchen felt like Brady was prioritizing football over their kids, and things fell apart from there.

Immediately following the divorce, both sides took to their respective social media accounts and gave their fans an update. Both Brady and Bündchen were complementary of one another while stating that their children are the priority right now, no matter what.

“In recent days, my wife and I finalized our divorce from one another after 13 years of marriage,” Brady wrote. “We arrived at this decision amicably and with gratitude for the time we spent together. [Gisele & Tom] are blessed with beautiful and wonderful children who will continue to be the center of our world in every way. We will continue to work together as parents to always ensure they receive the love and attention they deserve.”

According to TMZ, Bündchen is going to great lengths to ensure the co-parenting of her kids. The supermodel has officially purchased an $11.5 million home in Miami Beach. Interestingly enough, Tom Brady is building a home right across the creek from where Gisele will be living.

This is a massive 6,600 square-foot home that has plenty of amenities that are made specifically for the children. Of course, Brady was well-aware of the fact that Bündchen was going to move there. Overall, they believe it is what’s best for the welfare of their children.

Bündchen and Brady seem to be at peace with their divorce, which is good as there will be a lot less drama between the two households. Hopefully, both sides are able to continue down this path.

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