Gisele Bundchen is celebrating 37 years this year. Isn’t it impressive how this Brazilian supermodel manages
to look smoking hot in every photo shoot? She is a legendary model who never stops pleasing the eye of
every fashion-killer and beauty admirer. The fact that Gisele so successfully competes with her younger
supermodel fellows is truly unbelievable. Who is this woman? What made her famous? And, most
importantly, what is the secret of her immaculate beach photo shoots? Today we will break down some of
the most crucial moments of Gisele Bundchen’s life and incredibly successful professional career.

Gisele Bundchen is a world-famous top model, one of the Victotia’s Secret angels. She was named the
model of the year by the magazine VH1, and also headed the ratings of Forbes. The modeling business did
not attract Giselle as much as her sisters, but one day she got very lucky. At 14, the girl went to Sao Paulo
with her friends. They went to a local fast food where one of the representatives of the modeling agency
Elite Modeling was sitting and dining. He was interested in Gisele’s unusual appearance, and he suggested
that she should try things out as a model.

Gisele’s world fame

Gisele gained worldwide fame, having signed a contract with Victoria's Secret in 2000. During the fashion
show, the audience saw not just a 180-centimeter tall blue-eyed beauty, they were charged with the inner
energy and natural sexuality of the model. Then Gisele signed contracts with Lanvin, Dior, Versace, Chanel,
Dolce & Gabbana, Balenciaga, Roberto Cavalli, Givenchy, H & M and many other fashion houses.

Beach photography as an art

Brazilian star posed on the beach while collaborating with worldwide famous photographer Patrick
Demarchelier. Once again, the supermodel demonstrated how spectacularly she can look in luxurious
dresses and in simple beach clothes, comfortable to ride a horse and practice yoga. Gisele produces
gracefulness, harmony and utter beauty.

Gisele also took one of her pets to the photo shoot, creating an incredible atmosphere of sincerity and
home coziness. It is likely that some parts of the photo shoot were taken in the model’s house. To be
specific, Brazilian model first showed her house in her commercial for Chanel. The Bundchen’s house is very  simple, but it is made of ecological materials, and its design was made as a part of the ecological
environment. According to the model’s opinion, caring for nature and others is very important. Gisele
Bundchen looks very organic in front of her beach house. The photo shoot came out to be stunning –
simple and natural, as well as the model’s appearance. It was a fresh breeze in the whole modern fashion
and beauty industry.

Now Giselle and her husband Tom Brady, who celebrated the 9th anniversary of marriage this year,
decided to spend an exotic vacation with their two children: 8-year-old Benjamin and 5-year-old Vivian and
chose the state of Qatar for this. Supermodel and her spouse regularly delight fans with fresh pictures from
vacation in Instagram, which show that they really have a good time together. This time her photos were
not so professionally made, because the model wanted to get away of her usual routine, but this family
atmosphere and total piece once again prove that Gisele is absolutely stunning in every environment. We
can see how Gisele enjoys spending time with her family (here you can read how to rebuild trust in a
relationship after lying

Gisele thinks that her secret is in the concentration, good dieting and inner harmony. A 37-year old model
does a lot of sport, remains healthy and positive. We can only admire her success and incredibly good