Former NBA player Glen “Big Baby” Davis was arrested in Maryland last month at a hotel with 126 grams of marijuana.  Police searched the room after the hotel manager smelled marijuana coming from his room.

Via ABC2 Baltimore:

According to court records, the hotel owner smelled marijuana coming from Davis’ room on February 7.

When the owner knocked on room 208, someone inside the room told him to “F*@# off!”

Aberdeen police then responded to the hotel and Davis gave signed consent to search his room.

“They recovered 126 grams of marijuana,” said Aberdeen Police Lieutenant William Reiber, “In addition to that there was a brief case that contained 92,164 dollars of U.S. currency along with a ledger that contained language which is consistent with someone involved in the sale and distribution of narcotics.”

Talk about having your high blown.  This would do it.  

It looks like Big Baby’s over $32 million in career earnings aren’t enough for him to live off of.