A judge ruled in Barnes’ favor regarding a $300K embezzlement lawsuit judgement, but Govans claims she was never properly served.

Govan is accusing her ex-husband of attempting to serve her with lawsuit papers during an arranged custody change with their twin boys thus violating an agreement they made.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast

 Govan claims she was never properly served in the lawsuit and says she didn’t even know Barnes sued her until after a judge ruled by default in his favor. The former NBA star accused Govan, her brother Lonnie, and their parents of fraud and claims they embezzled $300k from him. In her new filing, Govan is demanding the default order be vacated, saying she was never served with the legal docs.

The process server claims he served her on June 10, 2018 but Govan has an entirely different account of their interaction.She recalls the incident that went down on that date at a Starbucks in Encino, where she was meeting Barnes to exchange custody of their twin boys. Govan says she and Barnes had previously agreed to not bring their various disputes to the custody exchanges, saying it was to be a neutral site and that the twins should not be involved.

On the date in question, Gloria Govan says she remembers having her head down to look at her phone when a man touched her shoulder and said, “I know who you are.”She told the man to “get the f**k out of my face. I don’t know you.” Govan explains, “I am a recognized celebrity due to my tenure on the television show ‘Basketball Wives’ and I have individuals follow me, or assume they know me or believe that they have a relationship with me because of my appearance on television.

I also have had men inappropriately touch and harass me on innumerable occasions … Therefore, I am especially sensitive to men who invade my space, touch me without consent, or otherwise try to surprise me.”

Barnes filed a $300,000 lawsuit against Govan and family members for allegedly forging his name for documents. A judge ruled in favor of Barnes already but Govan contends that she was never fully aware of the terms involving the suit. 

She is seeking to have the default judgment removed from the record. What a mess. Barnes and Govan were an explosive couple right from the jump.